The CELTMAN! Extreme Scottish Triathlon was dreamed up in 2010 on a filming visit to Eidfjord to capture the Norseman. Such was the scale of the race but with the paradoxical intimacy it offers we felt this format would fit Scotland perfectly. Over the next 2 years close collaboration took place between the capitals of Edinburgh and Oslo as plans were laid out, courses evaluated and race manuals written. Torridon was chosen to match the sense of adventure when travelling to Eidfjord, there are few places so remote but offering such awe inspiring landscapes, empty roads and friendly locals. In 2012 the Celtman Extreme Triathlon was born and the rest is history!

Race details

  • Date: June 17,¬†2017
  • Start: Torridon, Scotland
  • Finish: Torridon,¬†Scotland
  • 3.8km swim
  • 202km cycling
  • 42km run

Race Course


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